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TOMORROW WE LOVE and the Pandemic of 2020...

Well TOMORROW WE LOVE finally happened! After 4 years of writing and rewriting and reading and re-reading it aloud, alone and with an audience, I produced my new gender-bending comedy TOMORROW WE LOVE this past March 2020 @ Theater for the New City! The maiden production of my new company PROUD IMAGE THEATRE CO. I was able to raise $25,000 in funds to help assist with the production in six months' time and I was so honored and humbled by the generosity of those who gave and supported us. Unfortunately who knew that a year after my last blog on here I'd be writing in quarrantine as the pandemic of 2020 rages on - Covid19 has defined 2020 like no other year. Although we were scheduled to play from March 5th - 22nd, I made the very painful and difficult decision to shut us down the night that Broadway closed their doors as well - March 12th. We played a total of six performances to audiences before having to close. Luckily we did so as not more than 3-4 days later, I came down (as did my husband Freddy) with the virus and was sick at home for nearly 2 weeks; thankfully we never experienced breathing issues or suffered more than it feeling like we had the flu. But it was rough going I'm not going to lie to you! Having worked on the show for so long - including the nearly four months of rehearsals and planning - it was definitely a blow and a shock to have to end and so suddenly. I was unable to think or concentrate on anything creative afterwards and it took me many, many months to even think that I'd be creative again - or that the show would have another life. Well no news yet on that front - but who knows? I'm ready to consider re-mounting the show at some point when we are able to meet again in a theater space and watch performers do what they do best. I have to give a shout-out to ALL of these wonderful collaborators, who made the experience so very memorable, both in front of the footlights and behind the scenes. So here's to you all: Grant Neale, Erin Soler, Joey Paradise, Gabrielle Piccolino, Shanel Sparr, Ben Van Berkum, Jimmy Moon, Kim Krane, Lenys Sama, Maya Bassuk, Ryan Goff, Caspin Jones, Katie Down, Joyce Liao, Akyiaa Wilson, James Hodges, Caspin Jones, Roy Chang, Jennifer Davison, Jessica Davison, Daniel DeMello, Emily Hewitt, Chelsey Shannon, Jeff Griffith, Tony Mark Young, Tricia Marciel and all the folks @ Theater for the New City who made us feel at home those tumultuous few weeks we were there. I couldn't have dreamed of a better bunch to help make this dream of mine come true.

And in the words of the brilliant Stephen Sondheim - "Look I made a hat. Where there never was a hat." And it was a life-changing experience.

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