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ALOHA OY! Returns - One Mo' Time Thursday 6/15 @ 7pm @ Pangea!

Yep, I'm doing it again! And perhaps for the final time - ALOHA OY! THE CABARET returns to Pangea at 7PM on Thursday night, June 15th, 2023. It's been the joy of my life finally putting my story on stage the way I'd hope it'd be - songs and tales of growing up "different" in the most beautiful place on earth, wanting to leave it so badly & finally arriving at the place I was meant to be, New York City. Grateful to have performed it five times last year at the fabulous Don't Tell Mama club in the Broadway district and for the third time this year at the intimate, eclectic club Pangea in the East Village. If you haven't seen the show yet, come on down! If you've seen me, come again! I'd be so grateful. You can make a reservation now at! And stick around there may be an announcement real soon on another project!

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