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The End Of Summer 2023 ...

(Pensive - this photo from a trip home to Hawai'i in 2012) An end of summer "hello" from me - taking a minute on Labor Day 2023 to pause and reflect and to give a few thoughts about what's coming up! There'll be some travel (Hawai'i end of September, Chicago in October, Maryland in November - and back from a business trip to Phoenix this past August) - and the best news of all is I'm currently rewriting my play TOMORROW WE LOVE for a hoped-for revival next Spring! Despite dealing with some chronic lower back issues I've been blessed with good health and fortune and I can't complain all that much - with retirement looming in the future (2 years away perhaps?) I'm looking forward to a blessed future and see my third act in life more and more as one that will entail lots of artistic growth and expression. Fingers crossed. Wishing you all well xx

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